Highly-regarded Teach Primary magazine/teachwire website reviewed two of our most popular Musicals: 

   “Cleverly written..sprinkled with creativity & easy-to-learn lines.”

   “Musical arrangements and songs are beautifully crafted.” [Issue Sept 2017, and on-line at teachwire.net.]


Text files are provided in Word format (.doc not .docx) to ensure compatibility with the school/church system) and in the universally accessible PDF format.


Audio tracks are provided in .mp3 or .wav format which means the audio CD should play on all CD-playing audio equipment.


Hence all the above files should be readable byWindows operating systems dating back to Windows 98, and on most Mac machines with an app capable of reading Word documents.


 SyncSong files are provided in MP4 format, readable by most machines (Windows and Mac) purchased this century.


If you experience any difficulty in reading or running the files which you feel are a result of compatibility issues, please email us (see Contact Us) with your equipment specification and we will assist and, if necessary, provide replacements.


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