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A charming interpretation of the classic story… BENEFITS DESCRIPTION (mention key benefits here – ease, comprehensive, no music knowledge, backdrops, SyncSong, etc.)An enchanting musical and one of our all-time best sellers. Now brought completely up to date with catchy tunes and a beguiling stortline. Ideal for Christmas












THE STORY: A faithful retelling of the classic festive tale in which the miser Scrooge is faced with his past lost youth, his present miserliness, and future opportunities.


It’s Christmas Eve and Scrooge begrudgingly allows Bob Cratchitt the next day off, and retires to bed. During the night, Christmas Past appears and shows him how he made the wrong choices, abandoning compassion and the girl he loved to pursue wealth.


Christmas Present then takes a shaken Scrooge to witness the scene at the Cratchitt’s house, where Tiny Tim is wasting away for want of the money to buy medicine.


Finally, Christmas Future shows Scrooge the sad future for the Cratchitt family. But Scrooge can take no more: he shouts ‘Stop!’ and intervenes to change the future for the better for them all.

The Cratchitt family welcome the new Scrooge to their home, as he repents and hands out Christmas gifts amid much celebration.

Cast Numbers (min-max):

  Total Cast:          24-32+

  Speaking Parts     12

  Non-speaking:    12-20+


Song Excerpts:

Gimme Gold

Growing Gloom


Do You Remember?

Song of Christmas

Christmas Child

Brief Candle 

Bad, Bad Boy

Approximate Duration:


 Acting: 20-25 mins

       Total: 40-45 mins

    *incl dance/links

Read the glowing independent review of  'Scrooge's Christmas Carol '  by influential Teach Primary magazine & website September 2017 here

The PHYSICAL PACK Includes TWO CDs, the DOWNLOAD Includes all files:

  • Director and Actor Script Versions

  • Lyrics Sheets

  • Detailed Production/Staging Notes

  • Easy Piano Score (Grade 1-2)

  • Easy Guitar Chords

  • SyncSong synchronised teaching

    system - no specialist software needed

  • Choice of Electronic Backdrops

  • Comprehensive Staging Rights  (Copy/ Print/ Edit ALL documents)


  • Backing Tracks of all songs/music,

   designed for actual performance

  • Backing Tracks PLUS VOCALS for all songs, for rehearsals

         Now with comprehensive            

         FREE Performance Licence -          

       no worries, no hassle, no forms....  

                                                                                                                                               DETAILED INFORMATION                                                                                                                                                PERFORMANCE LICENCE: Currently included free of charge: required if you intend any shows to be seen by anyone from outside your school (i.e. anyone other than teachers or pupils). Also covers videos/CD recordings and any school sales of the recordings. If applying ONLY for a Performance Licence (£10 if purchased separately) please email - see Contact details.                                                                                                          

PRODUCTION NOTES: Casting, staging, prop and costume suggestions are given, with the emphasis on an easy-staging, but impactful production.                                                                                                                  SCENERY BACKDROPS: Scenery backdrops are provided as slides in Powerpoint, often with a choice of alternatives, to personalise productions.                                                                                                                   SYNCSONG: Modern In-School Music’s own synchronised words/music on-screen teaching facility - see Home Page/SyncSong for details.

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