Highly-regarded Teach Primary magazine/teachwire website reviewed two of our most popular Musicals: 

   “Cleverly written..sprinkled with creativity & easy-to-learn lines.”

   “Musical arrangements and songs are beautifully crafted.” [Issue Sept 2017, and on-line at teachwire.net.]


Pricing is straightforward, and applies to all musicals in the range.

  • The cost of each musical (available as a zipped file download - see What’s Included) excluding the Performance Liicence is £9.95.


  • The cost of a Performance Licence is now INCLUDED in the price!! The Licence covers all performances within an 18 month period from date of purchase, and is required for all performances beyond staff and pupils, regardless of whether an entrance fee is charged.


  • There are no other costs for purchasers:

  • All unlimited copying, editing, duplicating rights for all files are conveyed by the purchase of the download, BUT solely for the purchasing organisation or the individual purchasing on their behalf.

  • All rights of recording and marketing (CDs, DVDs, Programmes) are conveyed by the Performance Licence, solely for the purchasing organisation or the individual purchasing on their behalf AND subject to a maximum total sales of 1,000 units (be they separate CD recordings of songs with the backing tracks, “live” CD or DVD recordings, individual programme sales or any other individual items.) These rights are conveyed for a period of 18 months from purchase of the Performance Licence.


  • No VAT is chargeable on the items available on the website.

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