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A charming interpretation of the classic story… BENEFITS DESCRIPTION (mention key benefits here – ease, comprehensive, no music knowledge, backdrops, SyncSong, etc.)An enchanting musical and one of our all-time best sellers. Now brought completely up to date with catchy tunes and a beguiling stortline. Ideal for Christmas












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Approximate Duration:

Songs/Music*:15-18 mins

 Acting: 15-20 mins

       Total: 35-40 mins

    *incl dance/links

Song Excerpts:

  • All files are provided in fully editable, fully copyable format*.

  • Script & song lyrics are provided in Word. 

  • SyncSong, Electronic Backdrops and Lyrics are all provided, fully copiable, in Powerpoint.

  • SyncSong plays on any (free-to-download) Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer – see also below.


*Staging Licence (Copy/Print/Edit ALL files/ documents) is included in standard Musical Pack cost. NB A Performance Licence is still necessary for shows for parents, etc. (£15 if purchased at the same time as the Musical Pack, otherwise £30. See below.)

The Physical Pack Includes TWO CDs:


  • Director and Actor Script Versions

  • Lyrics Sheets

  • Easy Piano Score (Grade 1-2)

  • Detailed Production/Staging Notes

  • SyncSong synchronised learning

    system - no specialist software

  • Choice of Electronic Backdrops

  • Staging Licence (Copy/Print/Edit)*



  • Backing Tracks of all songs/music,

   for actual performance

  • Backing Tracks plus Vocals for all songs, for rehearsals


Click here for Samples:

     Director’s Script 

     Actor’s Script     

     Easy Piano Score     

     Cast List

                                                                                                                                               DETAILED INFORMATION                                                                                                                                                PERFORMANCE LICENCE: required if you intend any shows to be seen by anyone from outside your school (i.e. anyone other than teachers or pupils). The licence also covers videos/CD recordings and any school sales of the recordings you may wish to make. If applying ONLY for a Performance Licence (£30 if purchased separately) please email - see Contact details.                                                                                                          

PRODUCTION NOTES: Detailed casting, staging, prop and costume suggestions are given, with the emphasis on an easy-staging, but impactful     production. Cast listing by lines spoken and line count also included.                                                                                                                           REHEARSAL LOGISTICS: Not many schools can afford the time for full scale all-cast production rehearsals. There are opportunities for separate Act   (i.e. separate Class) rehearsals. Suggestions are made as to optimising         rehearsal time.                                                                                        

                                                                                                              SCENERY BACKDROPS: Scenery backdrops are provided as slides in Powerpoint, often with a choice of alternatives to personalise productions.                                                                                                                   SYNCSONG: Modern In-School Music’s own two-stage synchronised teaching programme. System works on all Windows operating systems, from Windows XP onwards (Not Mac OS at present). It allows teachers with no musical background to teach all the songs as an alternative to the Piano   Score (also included). It is not copy protected, uses no specialist software      

and works directly within Powerpoint, allowing the use of a remote in classroom teaching and, more importantly, allowing ALL actors and choir members to take individual copies home to rehearse, if desired. (The Powerpoint Viewer is available free of charge as a simple download from Microsoft if Powerpoint not already installed on the PC/laptop).                                                                                                        

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