Highly-regarded Teach Primary magazine/teachwire website reviewed two of our most popular Musicals: 

   “Cleverly written..sprinkled with creativity & easy-to-learn lines.”

   “Musical arrangements and songs are beautifully crafted.” [Issue Sept 2017, and on-line at teachwire.net.]


A resounding “NO!”.


THE SONGS: As explained in more detail elsewhere, our SyncSong system of teaching – using standard format mp4 videos which synchronise lyrics on-screen with music - allows you to play the songs and for children to sing along. This frees the teacher from having to play an instrument, or lead-sing the songs, and concentrate instead on teaching. Once there is some familiarity with the tunes and lyrics, playing the included song sound files which include the vocals track increases standards further, before using the actual performance tracks where vocals are absent.   


And, best of all, there are no limits on copying the song videos or sound tracks. This means that each teacher involved in the production can have their own copy (as, indeed if you wish, so can each child).


Needless to say, the songs are catchy and easy-to-learn – just have a listen to a few of the excerpts!


THE DANCE ROUTINES: Listening to the song excerpts you will hear that a ‘theme’ has been used in many of the arrangements, with the intention of suggesting dance moves for the singer and, where the music is used purely for dance, for the dance routines.


Developing these further will require much less input than developing moves from scratch.

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