Highly-regarded Teach Primary magazine/teachwire website reviewed two of our most popular Musicals: 

   “Cleverly written..sprinkled with creativity & easy-to-learn lines.”

   “Musical arrangements and songs are beautifully crafted.” [Issue Sept 2017, and on-line at teachwire.net.]


COPYING: We try to make it as easy as possible for you to put on a great performance. There are NO restrictions on the number of copies of files or prints you may make, subject to the following:


Purchase of the MUSICAL includes the facility for you to make sufficient copies of all documents/printing, and of all files solely for your school/church use and for no one else, and only in the 18 month period following purchase.



LICENCING: A Licence is required as soon as a production is attended by anyone beyond teachers and pupils, and in all cases for church productions.


Purchase of the PERFORMANCE LICENCE allows for all performances in the 18 month period following purchase. Extensions can be purchased for a nominal fee.


The Licence is currently provided free of charge and will be included in your purchase order automatically.


The Performance Licence also bestow the right to make recordings of your own production, including use of backing tracks with children’s vocals, to produce and sell CDs, DVDs and souvenir programmes of performances for an 18 month period from purchase date of Licence. See 'Pricing' for limitations. Note that any such CDs/DVDs may require separate agreement from your pupils/parents featured. It is your responsibility to obey the appropriate current laws.

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