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THE STORY: Based on the classic story of Robinson Crusoe, but with an ecological twist.


In a violent storm, Crusoe is shipwrecked and finds himself washed up on a desert island. He explores and saves Friday from a tribe of cannibals.


They search for food and enslave a group of animal inhabitants. But the animals patiently explain that this is their island, and Crusoe would do them a great wrong by eating them.


Crusoe releases them and they co-exist peacefully until one day a ship appears on the horizon. With the animals help, Crusoe manages to alert the ship, and to great rejoicing Crusoe is rescued and bids a poignant farewell to his new found friends.

Song Excerpts:

What we doin' here?

Travelled Long

What do you think?

Lilies of the Valley

We'd like a word


Crusoe's Lament

All Aboard!

The PHYSICAL PACK Includes TWO CDs, the DOWNLOAD Includes all files:


  • Director and Actor Script Versions

  • Lyrics Sheets

  • Detailed Production/Staging Notes

  • Easy Piano Score (Grade 1-2)

  • Easy Guitar Chords

  • SyncSong synchronised teaching

    system - no specialist software needed

  • Choice of Electronic Backdrops

  • Comprehensive Staging Rights  (Copy/ Print/ Edit ALL documents)



  • Backing Tracks of all songs/music,

   designed for actual performance

  • Backing Tracks PLUS VOCALS for all songs, for rehearsals

Cast Numbers (min-max):

  Total Cast:         18-26+

  Speaking Parts:      8

  Non-speaking:   10-18+

Approximate Duration:


 Acting: 20-25 mins

       Total: 40-45 mins

    *incl dance/links

         Now with comprehensive            

         FREE Performance Licence -          

       no worries, no hassle, no forms..    

                                                                                                                                               DETAILED INFORMATION                                                                                                                                                PERFORMANCE LICENCE: Currently included free of charge: required if you intend any shows to be seen by anyone from outside your school (i.e. anyone other than teachers or pupils). The licence also covers videos/CD recordings and any school sales of the recordings you may wish to make. If applying ONLY for a Performance Licence (£10 if purchased separately) please email - see Contact details.                                                                                                          

PRODUCTION NOTES: Detailed casting, staging, prop and costume suggestions are given, with the emphasis on an easy-staging, but impactful     production.                                                                                                                                                                                                            SCENERY BACKDROPS: Scenery backdrops are provided as slides in Powerpoint, often with a choice of alternatives to personalise productions.                                                                                                                   SYNCSONG: Modern In-School Music’s own synchronised words/music on-screen teaching facility - see Home Page/SyncSong for details.

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