Highly-regarded Teach Primary magazine/teachwire website reviewed two of our most popular Musicals: 

   “Cleverly written..sprinkled with creativity & easy-to-learn lines.”

   “Musical arrangements and songs are beautifully crafted.” [Issue Sept 2017, and on-line at teachwire.net.]


Like many of the organisations who market musicals to schools, the directors of Modern In-School Music began writing as a couple and on a very small scale, for what was meant to be a one-off production. Perhaps what sets them apart is that this was back in 1980, and they have been writing and extending their range ever since!


At that time, Pat was teaching Primary children music and other subjects and needed a simple but effective musical for an end-of-term production. Finding nothing quite suitable (either too complex musically or too simple for parents to enjoy as well), she discussed it with her musician husband, Chris.


Together they wrote and produced The Snow Queen with her schoolchildren, to considerable acclaim, subsequently following it up with further very well received productions. At some point, the thought occurred that others might achieve the same success with these musicals, and a small ad was placed in a Primary School magazine, under the name of Modern In-School Music.


The results were quite amazing and repeat orders followed, confirming that the duo were writing useful productions and encouraging them to continue.


Since those early days, the range of primary school musicals, like the company, has expanded significantly, and many additional features and facilities have been added. This website, their first major use of the internet rather than mail order, highlights the results. The important step of also registering as a Limited Company (Modern In-School Music Ltd.) has been taken in order to mark the website launch of a significant part of the range.


Perhaps more importantly, the entire Modern In-School Music range has, in the last two years, been completely revamped to take full advantage of the most recent digital technology. 


These days, the musicals are each contained  within a zipped download file containing the comprehensive set of files described on this website (The directors decided early on that ALL files and songs should be copiable without limit - though obviously only by the purchasing organisation) -to avoid imposing unnecessary limitations on rehearsals).


In particular, SyncSong, the entirely copiable synchronised MISM words/music learning facility is provided in video (MPEG4) format – which aids easy stress-free teaching, especially where teachers have little or no musical expertise.


So…. please peruse the range presented here, listen to the song excerpts and read the text excerpts – a long history of experience and expertise has gone into their making, and we’re very confident you’ll find something suitable and successful for your school or church.


Best Wishes,


Pat and Chris Blamires

(Founders and Directors of Modern In-School Music Ltd.)

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